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Friday, Dec. 12, 2003 @ 10:54 p.m. | little ham

I was just reading some parent's guide book from the 1960's. It was really funny. They actually had a separate special paragraph that included advice for parents with "pretty girls."

I guess that's what I do in my free time. Not all the time though. I do read a lot, though.

Alright! Another snow storm in the works. I don't know why I'm happy. If it stays on track, we might not have school on Monday. I really hope so. I have about 21 things I have to do before the year comes to an end, and we welcome 2004. A day off would offer some kind of assistance in that. Anyway, I'm trying to keep my grades up to all A's, so that I don't have to take too many mid-term/final exams. If you get an A in a class, you're exempt (senior privilege). I kind of don't want second semester to come. I like the classes I'm in now. They're all going to change and that's going to suck. I have Drawing 1, which is probably going to be filled with freshmen. And then some computer class I'm taking. I don't know why I decided to take a computer class; I hate computer classes. But oh well, hopefully I'll get something out of it.

And I lose my favorite class, with second semester.The class isn't challenging at all, we just discuss current events, but I still really like it. Some people have really good ideas or interesting opinions, and that class is just a medium for some kids to get all that out. I don't really say anything though, I just listen.

Anyway. 2004. It's almost here! The year I use to wait for, ever since first grade! Graduation and college. I'm kind of weird, so I like high school. I was actually thinking about elementary school, and I can't really remember much. I remember the nurse. I remember 'weather charlie' or something like that. It was this drawn out boy. He was laminated. And he had accompanying clothing. Every morning, we would have to pick out his clothes, whatever was suitable according to the weather. Then write "why" in our journals, after observing the thermometer we could see from our window. This is why I'm so into meteorology. I had a fascination with thermometers.

I could also remember this one incident, where I was called to write some stuff on the board. First, I had to write the number "3". And I did. And it was such a perfect three. It looked as if it typed. Nice edges. Perfectly rounded. And the teacher said she made a mistake, and wanted me to write another number. So I had to erase it and I got all mad. Maybe this is why I have such a crappy handwriting today. Probably not.

Later on in third grade, I had a teacher who made us use sign language to ask to go to the bathroom, get a drink...whatever. And I'll never forget a substitute that we had for that teacher. She was so odd! She made a mistake and said that 'fifteen plus four' was twenty. It's obviously not, and back then, whenever the teacher made a mistake, it was huge. Then somebody raised their hand, and told her to fix it. "oooh's" and "ahhh's" coming from the rest of our classmates. Good times.

Season's greetings, cheers...